Black & White Development

This last month I thought I would turn my hand to trying some film developing.  This impulse was fueled further by the fact New55 had produced a new type of film developer called R5 Monobath.  You can find the developer here:

The Monobath from New55 is super simple to use and really loves 35mm.  I never really got to give it a fair run on 120 film and plan on doing so later next month.  I developed several types of film through it, Kodak TX400, Kodak TMax and some Ilford HP5 400 Plus too.  I managed to get about 6 rolls in total out of it on the last roll the developing was really flat and I had to modify it a lot in Photoshop to compensate.

It's super simple to use and produced some good results, i am going to explore the Kodak D76 developer next month and will try to write about that on here too. 

I have been reading up on the D76 Developing and it seems to be a lot more involved compared to the R5, but cannot compare the finished results yet.  It will be interesting to see how they contrast and compare.

I shot all of the following photographs on my Leica M7 with a 40mm f2 lens.  I did experience a strange situation with the Leica and the Ilford HP5 film; it kept jamming up at frame 20/25 on a 36 exposure roll.  At first I thought there was something wrong with the camera, but when I ran Kodak film through it, it worked seamlessly.  Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, if so, please share as I still have not ascertained what is happening.

Thanks for following and hope you give the New55 a go, it's about $25 per container, shipping is a little high, so I think i will save up and buy a few more containers to make the shipping worth it.

You can see more of the images I developed on my Instagram page @relevantlens




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