The Mamiya 37mm Fisheye Lens

I took the first two photography somewhere on the road between Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon on our roadtrip in April.
It was my first attempt at trying out my newly acquired Mamiya 37mm Fisheye lens for the first time. I have a slight distortion in the first image, but the second one isn't as noticable (mainly in the foreground).

But you can really see the distortion here at a veiwing point at the Grand Canyon.

This is Gary at Zabriskie Point in Death Valley, I seemed to have had a light leak on this roll of film.


And finally an image taken at the Sequoia National Forest in California, I tried to catch the shaft of light hitting the trees. You can see how the trees either side of the main tree curve.


So, overall impression would be that I liked the lens a lot, but I have to find the right subject matter to shoot. If I'm honest I didn't you the lens as much as I thought I would becasue of the distortion, but I'm going to stick with it and give it another go soon.