Post Road Trip Blues

Well, I'm back home now in Switzerland and have a lot of film to get developed 35, 120 and 220. I ended up using the Mamiya RZ67, Hasselblad 500c and the Hasselblad Xpan. Keeping my fingers crossed some of my photos will be okay as I didn't use my digital camera on the 10 day road trip or the other 2 weeks in the US.
Sadly I lost my little Voigtlander VC Meter, so I'm going to be looking for either another Voigtlander meter...or maybe it's time for something more accurate...any suggestions?

On a separate but related note, on my last day or so in Chicago I managed to find (and buy) a copy of 'Route 66' a photographic essay. Dated about 1988, with photos from it's peak to it's decline...but best of all, I found a signed copy of a limited edition Stephen Shore book called 'A Road Trip Journal'. My copy is numbered 1218 out of a total of 3300 produced.