Sometimes all that it takes to take a good picture is having the courage to ask. Ask someone that is, if they'd let you take their photograph. It's really hard to ask a stranger if you could take their picture. Especially when it's not instant and is film. People have become so used to instant gratification and the concept of waiting and is lost.

I was on my lunch break this afternoon and on my way back to work I stopped off to snap a photograph of the old Eat Rite building at the corner of 7th and 100. The building itself is pretty cool, but when a lady named Tina came out dressed in a pink 50's style diner outfit I had to get the photograph. 

So I asked and she said yes. We chatted for a while and it turns out her dad owns the place. I took the shot and thanked her. I gave her the name of the website and blog, and said that it'd be a while before I finished the roll and got it developed. Oh, she said, it's film..I felt a little bad that I had nothing to show, but I promised to post it as soon as it had been processed.

Peter and I both set off in two days and both need to practise the exercise of asking. I wonder who we will meet along the way and what stories they will tell?

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Gary and Peter